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School administrators set the tone of the schools they run. They make the big decisions that affect faculty, staff and students. Therefore, they must have strong leadership skills and be decisive, organized and sympathetic. School administrators must have great communication skills as well. They often speak in front of audiences as well as one-on-one with staff or students. A school administrator must know how to talk to students, parents, coworkers and peers. They must also have strong writing skills and be able to work with budgets.

Prior teaching experience is a must, because school administrators work with teachers and administrative staff to develop curriculums. They must address the needs of everyone involved and feel comfortable in both a classroom and office setting.

Educational administrators visit classrooms and observe and evaluate teachers. They should be able to suggest ways teachers can improve. To this end, educational supervisors must keep up with advances in teaching methods and techniques, and be able to hold trainings, workshops and conferences.

Recruiting new teachers and keeping schools supplied with teaching aids and equipment are also the responsibility of this profession. An educational supervisor should be able to help train new teachers and administrative staff.


Must be experienced

A degree in this field is accepted

Must be residing in lagos.

Only candidates can apply for this job.
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