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Our client, a big player in the hospitality industry, which offers a collection of the finest fully serviced apartments located in Abuja, geared towards long stay guests is looking to recruit a CCTV SUPERVISOR

The CCTV SUPERVISOR will report to the Head of Security and have the following responsibilities :

• Setting up security system in the form of CCTV cameras in strategic locations and ensuring the cameras function smoothly.

• Monitoring CCTV cameras to ensure they are functioning properly

• Identifying areas that require CCTV surveillance.

• Monitoring the activities captured on the cameras and escalating suspicious activities to authorities.

• Responding and reporting alarms, suspicious activities and violators in accordance with established procedures and policy.

• Maintaining the records of screened activities in cases of suspicious, illegal or immoral activities to be submitted in report form.

• Keeping records of all CCTV tapes.

• Updating the organization on novel technologies and procedures concerning CCTV operations.

• Ensuring all video security equipment are operating effectively and efficiently.

• Random viewing of security videos, ensuring site security and operation is maintained to high standards.

• Performing duties as instructed by the head of the security.

• Requisition of required equipments and supplies while being accountable for their care, use, and return.

• Processing all incidents related to security and reporting in accordance with company policies and procedures.

• Vigilance and taking reasonable measures to protect life, property and information.

• Responsible for the maintenance of inspection equipment to ensure optimal performance.


• Proficiency in CCTV camera operations with in-depth knowledge of associated technicalities

• Brilliant business management abilities.

• Excellent communication, coordination and organization skills.

• Ability to multi-tasks and work for long durations.

• Emphasis on detailing, safety and accuracy

Only Abuja residents are advised to apply for this position.

Only candidates can apply for this job.