Job posting rules

Please abide by the rules stated below when posting your “JOB VACANCIES”

  1. Maijojo Nigeria job reserves the right to edit, approve or disapprove any job post as we see appropriate
  2. Your job description, qualification and how to apply details must be clearly stated.
  3. We only post real jobs on our portal. Please no MLM/Network Marketing business
  4. Posting the same job ad under different usernames is not allowed.
  5. You are not allowed to ask job seekers for any advance payment of any kind if found out your account would be deleted
  6. It is compulsory to use your official company email for candidates to apply online or rather make use of the site application handler but company emails are more recommended, for faster job aproval.
  7. If your account is found spamming our website with false jobs, your account will be deleted without notice.

    NOTE: We have a massaging platform on our website for an employer to communicating with our candidate one’s he/she applies for your job. please Note if you are found scamming a candidate asking him/her to pay a sum for application fee or any fee online you account would be penalized, even if you are using our paid plan. THANK YOU